Bucket List

  1. start a blog
  2. trek to Machu Picchu
  3. see a blue whale
  4. have breakfast at Tiffany’s
  5. visit every gin distillery in Scotland
  6. make my own gin
  7. learn a new language
  8. make my own jam
  9. visit Iceland
  10. Climb near Everest
  11. visit Vietnam
  12. visit Yellowstone national park
  13. visit all 7 continents
  14. visit the amazon rainforest
  15. volunteer abroad
  16. visit Petra
  17. be an extra in a film
  18. have dinner at the fat duck
  19. own a first edition of the painted veil
  20. go on a safari
  21. walk the great wall of china
  22. visit a foreign country alone
  23. see Scotland become independent
  24. go on a protest march
  25. Visit the chapel of the tablet
  26. visit Myanmar
  27. go to La Brea Tar Pits
  28. visit the 19 Smithsonian museums and galleries
  29. see a Jackson Pollock
  30. go to Glastonbury
  31. get a photograph published
  32. run a marathon
  33. eat Sachertorte in Vienna
  34. get an article/essay published
  35. go to a movie night at the natural history museum
  36. see dippy the Diplodocus
  37. learn to play an instrument
  38. see mountain gorillas in the wild
  39. stay in the George V in Paris
  40. have 1000 followers on instagram
  41. see the lion king on the west end
  42. photograph a wedding
  43. take a photo every day for a year
  44. take a cooking class
  45. eat tapas in Barcelona
  46. go vegan one day a week
  47. do a food challenge
  48. attend a film premier
  49. take a pottery class
  50. go to SYSK live
  51. be in a tv audience
  52. keep a diary for a year
  53. see wild horses in Mongolia
  54. see the giant redwoods
  55. take a trip on a greyhound bus
  56. drink a freak shake
  57. eat at Noma
  58. visit Karl Marx house
  59. solve a rubix cube
  60. read a book every week for a year
  61. finish a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
  62. record a podcast
  63. visit sun studio Tennessee
  64. visit Hobbiton
  65. visit the warrens occult museum
  66. stand on the equator
  67. watch a film at an open air cinema
  68. stay in the Lizzy Borden house
  69. stay in an ice hotel
  70. make a wedding cake
  71. host a dinner party
  72. learn to ski

Any suggestions of places or experiences I could add are very welcome!

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