Mass Rape in Myanmar


A few years ago I was completely oblivious to issues surround mass rape in conflict and post conflict zones until a film, The Flowers of War, was recommended to me. The film which is a fictionalised account of the Rape of Nanking sparked my interest in the conflict to the point that I decided to make it the subject of my dissertation. While researching however, I became aware that this was an issue that was much more widespread both geographically and historically than 1930s China. In fact, you’d be hard put to find a conflict where mass rape has not played a role. This realisation lead me to change the direction of my dissertation to the wider motivations of such attacks against women and moreover I became increasingly passionate about the subject.

Today, while going through my morning routine of a coffee and a browse through Facebook, my attention was drawn to an article shared by UN Action  discussing sexual violence including mass rape against the Rohingya women of Myanmar by members of the Myanmar security forces.